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Over the last day, STACS Token has had 0% transparent volume and has been trading on 9 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being . STACS​ announced today that it has completed the bond on blockchain proof-of-concept with Malaysia’s National Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia, to facilitate the growth of the bond marketplace at the Labuan Financial Exchange. In celebration of Earth Day 2021, STACS co-hosted a Green FinTech panel at Bridge+ 79 Robinson Road in partnership with Tribe Accelerator, Alibaba Cloud, and enabled by flexible workspace Bridge+ by CapitaLand. As a partner of Summation Programme by SGInnovate and aligned with our commitment to support Deep Tech literacy in Blockchain, we seek to build strong talents in the industry.

stacs token

The Securities Trading Asset Classification Settlement Protocol is a scalable ledger network layer that seamlessly stacks on top of existing financial institutions and enables the tokenisation of the complete financial industry with zero inertia. STACS is one of seven startups globally to be admitted into the programme, and one of two within Singapore. Amongst the seven companies selected, STACS spearheads ESG fintech by enabling enhanced ESG finance and high quality carbon credits. Together with Mastercard, STACS will seek to expand and accelerate innovation around digital asset technology and make it safer and easier for institutions to adopt blockchain technology.

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We seek to create a new era of trust, openness and global acceptance for the crypto industry. TotalAV Antivirus Pro 2023 is a comprehensive antivirus software for Windows 10. It offers real-time protection against malware, ransomware, and other online threats. It also includes a variety of features such as a web shield, a firewall, and a system optimizer.

  • Sustainability is an increasingly important and necessary strategy for all companies, across all industries, to stay competitive today.
  • I also double-checked user account posting histories as thoroughly as I could to identify paid and troll accounts.
  • Is expected to amplify sustainable finance by leveraging standardised ESG data available through the ESG registry.

Working with STACS has been very smooth and seamless, and we certainly managed to learn from each other. The project is innovative, demonstrates significant efficiency gains and can be extended to other asset classes in the future. We built the solution with long-term partner Eastspring and Singapore fintech STACS, using an agile co-creation approach, leveraging the expertise of the BNP Paribas Design Factory in Singapore. It also addresses one of the Monetary Authority stacs token of Singapore’s ambitions to promote collaboration between local fintech firms and large corporates with a view to positioning Singapore as a regional digital hub. ESG Registry, which is sure to drive the growth of sustainable finance, both in Singapore and globally. Of capital towards sustainable projects, as well as the accurate tracking and quantification of emission reductions, abatement levels, and other sustainability KPIs linked with these projects.

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The GBX team enabled trading of the STACS token once balances were confirmed within 6 hours. This is called ‘Stacking’, a key part of Stacks unique consensus mechanism, Proof of Transfer that binds Stacks to Bitcoin for settlement. Haxf4rall is a collective, a good starting point and provides a variety of quality material for cyber security professionals. This information is automatically propagated through into reports, so “ignored” findings will be marked as “suppressed” in SARIF output while also including the reason for the ignore in the output for tracking.

In order to allow flexible and collaborative usage, STACS supports composable ignore lists. This allows for an ignore list to include other ignore lists which enable composition of a “tree of ignores” based on organisational guidelines. These ignore lists are especially useful in organisations where many of the same frameworks or products are used. If a team has already marked a finding as a false positive, other teams get the benefit of not having to triage the same finding. STACS, a Singapore FinTech company focusing on Blockchain technology solutions for financial institutions, announced its partnership with EFG Bank to co-develop a Blockchain platform that will enhance and simplify the processes of structured products.

In light of the GameStop and AMC fiasco, legacy infrastructure was shoved into the limelight once again. STACS shares with The Digital Banker on the impact of such infrastructure and discusses alternatives. Joined by an esteemed speaker lineup of industry leaders, STACS Managing Director Benjamin Soh discussed the latest trends and applications of digital technologies in ESG Finance alongside MAS, MUFG, and more. Headline topics include bridging a US$2.5 trillion green funding gap, to establishing a common green infrastructure for Singapore, right down to how COVID has brought a positive impact amidst climate change. In celebration of the upcoming sixth anniversary of enterprise blockchain, STACS hosted a global industry panel with The ValueExchange on 7 July, with esteemed speakers from the Singapore FinTech Association, and the Union Bank of the Philippines.

stacs token

Digital assets and sustainability-linked bonds are a key component of the future of financial services, as the world transitions to green mandates in every industry including banking. Set in the context of tokenized securities in the securities market, STACS worked closely with the team at Deutsche Bank on digital assets interoperability across platforms and related custody. Hashstacs Inc. will be developing the GSX Group’s latest initiative, the Securities Trading Asset Classification Settlement Protocol.

From Bitcoin DeFi, to NFTs, you can build apps and smart contracts that make the most of Bitcoin’s powers. Project Harbour is centred around the usage of Distributed Ledger Technology DLT as a register in facilitating the growth of Labuan’s bond marketplace. The project will take place in Malaysia’s offshore market, Labuan, in collaboration with the Labuan Financial Exchange, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia. The second edition of STACS Showcase, a celebratory and collaborative fintech event, happened during the week of Singapore FinTech Festival earlier this month, 8 – 12 Nov, as a digital event. At STACS, we believe in equal opportunities for everyone across different departments.

STACS Token Price (STACS)

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange , a crypto exchange launched in 2018, announced today that GBX is being rebranded as the Global Blockchain Exchange and will be based out of Estonia. As an example, STACS can be used to find static credentials in Docker images uploaded to public and private container registries. It can also be used to find credentials accidentally compiled in to executables, packages for mobile devices, and “enterprise archives” – such as those used by Java application servers.

In May, we were generously hosted at the Everest Room, Google Asia Pacific, Singapore office for the launch of our ESGpedia platform in partnership with the MAS and key partners from the world of asset management, banks, exchanges, insurers, and financial services. STACS and Everimpact headquartered in France today announced their partnership to provide banks and corporates involved in the carbon market with greater transparency and trust. We are thrilled to have collaborated with UBS, State Street, CMS Holborn Asia, as well as our blockchain partners Tezos and STACS on this groundbreaking initiative to bring efficiencies to the fund investment and management industry. These funds in the real estate, private equity, and venture capital world, typically suffer from a lack of liquidity, high barriers to entry, and are burdened with paper-based processes that add to the costs of this competitive industry.

stacs token

Covering ESG Financial Products, Vetta interacts with ESG data from ESGpedia, enabling effective and automated ongoing monitoring and lifecycle management. STACS detects static credentials using “rule packs” provided to STACS when run. These findings represent potential credentials inside of a file, and are reported on for a developer to remediate or “ignore”. Primarily, STACS provides a mechanism which allows users to define composable ignore lists which allow a set of findings to be “ignored”. These rules can be as coarse as ignoring all files based on a pattern, or as granular as a specific finding on a particular line of a file.

In order to assist, STACS provides a number of tools to assist with reducing the number of false positives which make it into final reports. It can also be used to find credentials accidentally compiled in to executables, packages for mobile devices, and “enterprise archives” – such as those used by Java application servers. The Global Blockchain Exchange aims to be a world-leading institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange.

Our goal is to always help our clients achieve their ESG goals, deliver sustained outcomes and build trust with their stakeholders, which can be enabled through quality data and continuous upskilling. Our smart contract platform interacts with ESG data from the ESGpedia, receives ongoing notifications on key lifecycle events, and executes required actions automatically. Retrieve holistic ESG certifications and data across multiple industries and global verified sources, all via a single digital platform. TotalAV Antivirus Pro is a comprehensive security software that offers robust protection against a wide range of malware and other online threats.

Attention GBX community, there has been fake pages posing as GBX on Facebook. Please be aware.

As 2021 draws to a close, we reflect on Singapore’s status as the leading Green FinTech Hub in Asia, and what makes the country a pioneer in leveraging technology and data to enable Sustainable Finance. Aligned with the consensus that Asia is where the fight against climate change will be won or lost, we presented our solution to enable companies on a clear pathway towards net zero, as well as launched our carbon credits solution with Razer as our first partner. The fashion industry faces difficulty in conducting Supplier Sustainability Monitoring, lack of standardised reporting formats, and difficulties in establishing traceability of sustainable fashion efforts. Read on to see how STACS’s platform, ESGpedia, helps to greenify this process and enable ESG finance.

DLT IN THE REAL WORLD podcast by The ValueExchange — STACS and Trade Processing

It’s becoming crystal clear that for the finance industry to make good decisions in terms of capital allocation to environmental, social, and governance assets, we will need to improve transparency and trust at the data level. Razer customers globally will be empowered to engage in conscious choices and participate in carbon offsets, through its newly-launched Restorify service. The partnership is powered by STACS’ Carbonpal platform, which is a carbon credits digital management platform that facilitates the fractionalisation of carbon credits for purchase by end consumers. The live use cases set a precedent in their various industries and can be replicated across Asia to empower businesses in their green and decarbonisation journey via better data, digital tools, and effective ESG financing. The Exchange closely follows current trends in innovation and new technologies with a view to remaining relevant in this competitive landscape.

STACS Co-develops Blockchain Project with Bursa Malaysia for its Bonds Marketplace

With a common vision to enable sustainability amongst companies of all sizes, TÜV SÜD PSB and STACS today announced their partnership on ESGpedia, via TÜV SÜD’s Sustainability-as-a-Service programme. With Singapore being the long-standing data centre hub of Asia Pacific, RDA and STACS have entered a strategic partnership to provide a holistic platform to transform Singapore’s data centre industry, and shape a sustainable digital future, through STACS’ ESGpedia. This is aligned with the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s and Economic Development Board’s initiative that aims to allow the “calibrated and sustainable growth” of data centers in Singapore. The pressure is on for all sectors to commit to going green in 2023, with growing regulatory and business push.

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