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Absorptionmeans the physical, electrostatic, surface attraction of an absorbent for molecules of a gas, liquid, dissolved or suspended substance. Absorption is endothermic, meaning that it is a process that has some input of energy. In absorption, energy from the absorbate is then added to the energy of the absorbent system, which increases the energy of this system. The process of absorption occurs and continues at a uniform rate throughout until all absorbate has been dissolved in the absorbent. After which the concentration of the absorbate in the absorbent is uniform.

The amount of electromagnetic energy lost through interactions with gas molecules and matter during its passage through the atmosphere. The act or process of absorbing or the condition of being absorbed. Because the words absorption and absorb are so closely related, there’s a tendency for people to try to spell absorption with a second B instead of a P, but don’t fall for it.

Word Origin for absorption

The movement and noise of the machines absorbed him completely. The presence of absorbed hydrogen within pure iron and most steels has been reported to increase their corrosion. Historically, the increased corrosion of H-charged Absorption dictionary definition steels has been attributed to the ability of H to destabilize the passive film formed upon the metal. In recent works it was evident that absorbed H can promote Fe dissolution even in non-passivating solutions.

  • When radiation strikes the electrons in an atom, the electrons move to a higher orbit or state of excitement by absorption of the radiation’s energy.
  • Absorption is the condition in which something gets mixed or absorbed completely in another substance.
  • The beer industry had absorbed a doubling of federal tax in 1991.
  • Absorption spectra are the means by which the chemical composition of our sun and other stars was discovered.
  • The process of drawing liquid and other absorbed matter into a cell via the plasma membrane.
  • The act or process of absorbing or the condition of being absorbed.

In the process of absorption, a substance captures and transforms energy. The absorbent distributes the material it captures evenly through the surface. Processes involving gas or liquid that penetrates into the body of an absorbent are commonly known as absorption. Electrons https://online-accounting.net/ are lost from the anodic area and absorbed into ions at the cathodic area. Such a process can be referred to as chemical absorption or reactive absorption. The temperature at which an absorption process might occur does not affect the speed or product of the process.

Scientific definitions for absorption

This is the British English definition of absorption.View American English definition of absorption. Definition and synonyms of absorption from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Measuring the concentration of an absorbing species in a sample is accomplished by applying the Beer-Lambert Law. The spectrum of an atom or molecule depends on its energy-level structure. This makes absorption spectra useful for identifying elements and compounds, because each spectrum acts like a fingerprint. Defence spending absorbs almost 20% of the country’s wealth.

What is adsorption vs absorption?

Adsorption and absorption mean quite different things. Absorption is where a liquid is soaked up into something like a sponge, cloth or filter paper. The liquid is completely absorbed into the absorbent material. Adsorption refers to individual molecules, atoms or ions gathering on surfaces.

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